Excavation and Safety – The Do’s and Don’ts

Excavation is the process of transplanting, moving and digging up the earth soil for numerous purposes such as building drainage channels, installing new utilities and clearing a plot of land. It is the act of digging up something from the earth’s crust.

If you are handling such a project of excavating the soil for specific reasons, then it is essential to know that there several safety steps to take when executing your work. These safety steps help to ensure the protection of your workforce and getting the job done correctly. Earthmoving is a risky business. Accidents can occur in the process which may lead to injuries or even fatalities. Below are the several excavation safety do’s and don’ts steps to take;

Safety precautions on the work site

The Do’s

  • Assess the site for any potential hazards

Before you carry out any excavation work, do remember to assess the site for utilities such as power lines, water lines, gas pipes, and other underground utilities. You can ask the local district authorities in your workplace for maps of the various utility lines located in the area. By doing this, you will be able to avoid damaging the important utility lines for neighboring properties. 

  • Wear proper safety clothes

Before anybody enters a trench, they should ensure that they are wearing safety boots with toecaps and protective high-visibility clothes not forgetting to mention hard hats. By wearing the hard hat and safety boots, you can rest assured of being secured from things falling into the trench. Wearing high-visibility clothing will make you visible enough for workers operating the heavy machines to be cautious.

  • Keep heavy machines away from the edge of the excavation site

At the excavation site, you should take extra precautions when you are operating heavy machines. Ensure that they are not moving too close to the edges of the site because they create vibrations which may cause earth to collapse suddenly.

  • Carry out atmospheric testing

Before going into the trench for work, you should carry out an atmospheric test to check for dangerous gasses or toxic fumes. These toxic fumes and gasses can sink into the bottom of excavated areas and accumulate. Therefore causing the bottom level of the excavated areas to become dangerously low in oxygen.

  • Prepare for emergencies

Workers at the excavation site should be ready for any accidents. Create a list of emergency contact lines for local firefighters, medics, and law enforcement. You should also have all the details of a utility company for cases where you damage or break a water or gas pipe.

The Don’ts

  • Pile up excavated soil on the edge of the trench

You need to be careful when excavating an area. Do not clutter soil on the trench’s edges because it may fall back into the trench. Not only does this risk injury of workers, it also means you will be once again removing this soil. Keep the excavated spoil and other materials at least 2 feet away from the trench edges.

  • Block exits or entrances in an excavated area

In an excavated area, constructed exits and entrances ensure the mobility of workers and materials. If the excavated area has more than a depth of 4 feet, then it is advisable to construct an exit and entrance of about 20 feet.  

  • Forget to warn others about the excavation work in progress

When you are commencing an excavation work, do not forget to keep caution signs or warnings to alert people staying in the area. If the work is progressing in a public space, then ensure that there is enough signage placed to indicate that the work is occurring. You can also build barriers or fences to prevent a passerby from falling into the excavated area.

  • Work under suspended or raised loads

Do not work under suspended or raised loads. They can slip, and fall anytime and this can cause severe injuries for any workers below. When you are moving the loads with a crane, action caution.

  • Fail to check on the excavated area regularly

It is usual to neglect your responsibilities to inspect the area. Especially, when you have been working for hours. Before you begin work, you should carry out daily inspections in the excavated area for any signs of collapse, weak soil or any specific dangers at this particular site. These inspections should be thorough.

By following these few safety steps, you can rest assured of performing a perfect work.

Successful Fun Ideas For Your New Home Construction

Staying in a well-furnished, beautiful, organized home is what makes the stay more interesting and comfortable. Especially when you have added some new creative ideas to enhance your home’s value. Perhaps you have been living in your house for years, and you are thinking of an upgrade. Or maybe you want to construct a new home from scratch and create something appealing.

Whatever you intend to do to your new home, what you should have in mind are those successful, fun ideas that will not only add beauty to your home but make it extremely practical. If you are looking for creative ideas to use in designing your new home, then you can contact professional home builders and interior designers to help make your dream home. Below are just a few attractive ideas on what you should add to your home to construct the perfect space for you;

  1. USB Plug Sockets

The USB plug sockets are used to charge your portable devices such as mobile phones or tablets. USB plug sockets are available with two USB connections which make charging sweeter. You won’t have to rely on your phone’s charger anymore. You will have to hire an electrical expert to install these trendy wall chargers for you.

  • Hidden Car garages

Won’t it be cool to have a hidden car garage? No one would even get to know if you have a car or not. Especially the burglars. Some houses can have basement garages, meaning that none of your land is taken up by your garage. However, having a car garage built in your home can be expensive. You will have to budget well for this one.

  • Steam showers

Steam showers give numerous health benefits. Firstly, the steam showers keep your skin clear and moisturized. Secondly, it enhances your skin’s health and makes breathing easier. Steam showers are also green. Unlike its counterparts, steam showers use only one gallon of water.  So getting a steam shower installed in your home isn’t a bad idea after all. Having a professional plumber install the components of your new steam shower is essential, as well as making sure it is properly connected to your hot water system.

  • Tinted Windows

Having your windows tinted is very beneficial. Window tints offer a wide range of advantages ranging from improved security, blocking UV rays, energy efficiency to beauty.

  • Outdoor Theater

An outdoor theater in your home would be the perfect idea to add. You can create a simple outdoor seating and install a digital or an analog projector. With this, you can watch videos of past lovely memories or movies whilst enjoying your backyard.

These are just a few ideas that you can add to make your home more suitable. There are other successful ideas you can research including secret rooms and fresh air ventilation.

5 Reason’s why you SHOULD buy a renovators delight

a run down house in desperate need of some maintenance and renovations

A renovator’s delight is a poorly damaged house in desperate need of a makeover. As you can imaging, these houses are sold cheap when measured against houses comparable in location and size. This is because they require an incredible amount of work to make them habitable again. There are no guarantees that you will get a good return on your investment if you purchase one of these houses. If you are wondering whether it is worth the risk to buy a renovator’s delight or maybe you should go for a newly renovated property, then please, read on;

  • It is very Affordable!

First things first, a renovator’s delight is sold at an affordable price. If budget is a major factor when you are searching for a new home, you need to compromise on something. If you do not want a run-down house, you may be looking at something smaller, or not in the ideal location. For me, I always opt for location and land size. After all, houses depreciate. All houses need renovations and maintenance at some point, but land values continue to increase over time.  

  • Starting afresh

Have you ever thought of designing and decorating your new home’s interior to your taste? Buying a renovator’s delight gives you the chance to create your dream home. Unlike the renovated properties, you get to start fresh with a blank canvas and redesign and decorate your empty home the way you want. It is a fun and creative task to do. Therefore, this will be an opportune time to make your imagination come to life. You could design your dream kitchen or modern bathroom to suit your tastes.

  • Selling it off for a decent profit

After successfully renovating your home, some choose to sell for a decent profits. This is a good option for those homebuyers who are handy with tools, or have some good contacts. They can buy a cheap place, renovate with a low budget while living in the home, then sell it for a lot more. Some of the expenses needed to add value to the home are very low. For example, sometimes cleaning the carpet is enough to get the flooring looking and feeling amazing! After this, they may like to find another renovators delight and repeat, or they may have made enough profit to buy their dream home.

Other times, the house may need to be fully renovated. If you are highly skilled and handy, you may be able to do many tasks yourself. If you have less experience, you may prefer to hire a professional for the intricate processes, such as bathroom renovations Kew.

  • Getting into the market

Some lower income earners have no other option but to get into the market as quickly as possible. Though many try to save, house prices inflate a lot faster than many of our savings account. You are often better off buying a place which needs a bit of work, putting up with it for a few years, and then reassessing your situation. You may then be ready to spend some money fixing the place up, or, upgrading to a nicer home.

  • A friendly budget for a large block of land

Buying a renovator’s delight located on a large block makes you a proud landowner. You can purchase a doer upper house at an affordable rate and still be opportune to secure a great location. However, you don’t usually get this from a renovated home. For the same price, you are looking at a lot less land for a fully renovated or new home.

You can choose to buy a renovated house or go to an extreme of getting a renovator’s delight. Hopefully, the above reasons will help you decide.

The Best Five Things about Backyard DIY

a wheelbarrow is a good backyad DIY tool for shifting mulch for your garden

Being able to do things without contacting a professional for help is something many homeowners choose to do. Some are limited by budget, others enjoy tackling projects around the home and for many small projects, it simply isn’t worth seeking the assistance of a tradesperson. There are home DO-IT-YOURSELF projects that don’t need any expertise, and they are simple to handle. By doing these DIY projects on your own, you will not only learn more but you will also;

  • Add beauty and equity to your home
  • Save money
  • Develop appreciation
  • Connect well with others
  • Earn respect

And many more. However, if you are looking for awesome DIY projects that would keep you busy and bring more advantages to you and your home. Here are the best five home DIYs to try for your lovely home;

·        A Shed:

Every house has a backyard. And as owning one, you are going to have a variety of working tools to improve your backyard’s appearance. Those tools include things like rakes, shovels, loppers, clippers, buckets, tarps and leaf blowers. You can’t keep these tools lying around in your backyard because they could cause home accidents and keep your yard untidy. The only way to avoid keeping your yard messy is by building yourself a new home shed. Here is the importance of having a good shed in your yard;

o   It stores all lawn tools and equipment

o   It keeps all hazardous materials like fertilizers and weed killers away from kids or pets

o   It boosts your property value

o   It adds beauty to your yard

So having a shed in your yard is not a bad idea. But how do you come about it? Firstly, you need to make some shed plans. Put two things into consideration, and those are- the shed location and space planning. Once you have decided on these things, then you can begin the building process. You can invite friends over to help with the task and make it more enjoyable.

·        A Chicken Coop:

If you are thinking of raising chickens at your back yard. Then you will need to build a chicken coop. A chicken coop is a cage or pen that keeps your lovely chickens safe. Building a chicken coop in your yard will bring a wide range of benefits. Ranging from;

o   Controlling weed and pest in your yard

o   Producing fresh eggs

o   Cutting down on food waste

o   Improving your garden and

o   Using the chicken waste which is high in nitrogen for your compost bin

Once you have decided to raise chickens at your yard. You can put three questions into consideration, and those are – how to build a chicken coop? Where to find or buy chickens? And how to feed and raise the chickens? Building a chicken coop wouldn’t be expensive, and the process isn’t complicated. You can research online for different coop designs and guidelines. Also, be sure to research possible predators in your area and make the chicken’s home inaccessible to these predators.

backyard laying hen

·        A Cubby House:

A cubby house or cubby hole is a small playhouse or play area for little kids. You can build this to keep your children entertained at home. This DIY project is cheap and very simple to handle. Once you have installed a nice cubby house in your yard, you can rest assured of keeping the kids busy while you are attending to other duties. Here are a few benefits of a cubby house;

o   Gives the children their personal space away from adults presence

o   It helps to entertain the children by giving them time to play with their imaginations

o   Keeps the children happy and active every single hour

There are a few things to consider before you start building a cubby house for your kids. Firstly, you will have to be sure to use the right design. One which is flexible and isn’t too enclosed. Map out a detailed plan and order all of the resources required. Remember to make your number one priority safety and your second priority fun!

You can pick between these four DIY Projects for your home. Be sure to follow proper guidelines and steps for each project once you have decided. Check out this awesome cubby building video for some inpiration.